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Polyolefin Films


Thermoplastics (India) Limited is the leading manufacturer of Polyolefin Films in the south India with one of the largest capacities. In the past 2 years, we have grown from 40 MTs / month manufacturing a variety of products.


Shrink Wrap Film has clarity, good barriers properties, high shrinkage at low hot air temperature giving a snug fit to the product packed and also has an excellent gloss sparkle which adds to the appeal of the product. FDA approved / Certified by resin manufacturers are used as inputs and is deal to pack fresh fruits, food, poultry items.


Stretch Wrap Film is a clear film where highly hygienic certified food contact approved resins are used and is good for cold (ambient) temperature packing of vegetables, cooked food, meat & poultry products. This film exhibits high degree of impact and puncture resistance and is best suited for Industrial pallet packing.


Food packing film is a printable multi-layered film, which has excellent barrier property to retain the flavour and protects the product from environmental decay. It's high puncture resistance, good freeze quality and seal ability, makes it ideal for liquid & refrigerated products.


Food contact grade film is a lower micron LDPE film laminated with polyester and is extensively used for packing coffee, masala, spices where aroma & freshness has to be preserved for long shelf life. This film has excellent slip to process it even in high-speed FSS machines packing drugs, cough syrups etc.


We also produce films to pack deteregents, shampoo, fertilizer & pesticides to withstand the rough handling in packing, storage, transportation & distribution. The corrosive nature of the product has no effect on the flm barrier property or the heat sealing done. Heavy detergent bags as well as resin & fertilizer bags are made from this film.

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