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Aluminium Foil Tapes
Magic Aluminium Foil Tapes

Packing tapes or made of Biaxially Oriented Poly Propelene Film with adhesive coated on one side. This product is suitable for a wide range of lightweight and heavy duty packaging application.




1.  Aluminium foil tapes are also for Cable Jointing Insulation for Water Proofing purpose in Power Plants, Process Industries and Cement Industries.


2.   Aluminium Foil Tapes are also used in the manufacturing process of Solar Panels. This products is used to seal the edge of the panes for water proofing and to inter connect the solar cells.


3.  In telecom cables, it is used as an Electro Magnetic Field shield to reduce noise in communication lines. It is available in various thickness.

Our Commitment to Quality
  Morgan Industries Limited, is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.  
  Morgan Industries Limited, is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.  
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